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    Bryan Air Podcast

    Traditional aviation flight deck banter with bad financial advice and highly opinionated news stories affecting the airline and travel sectors from around the globe.

    Join airline pilot hosts Bryan Roseveare and Ryan Parrock every week for their aviation podcast.

    Follow the link to listen to their latest podcast.

    Bryan Air Podcast 
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    Flying Eyes South Africa

    Founded and engineered for pilots by pilots. Sunglasses that are made to fit perfectly under your headset cups. This reduces noise and discomfort.

    The best glasses on the market, follow the link below to get your own pair of Flying Eyes

    Flying Eyes South Africa 
  • Adventures 4 all SA/A4ASA logo

    Adventures 4 all SA/A4ASA

    Adventure seekers with an idea to do what they love while helping a good cause.

    They camp, cycle, and hike throughout South Africa and then document each adventure so their followers can experience what the adventures offer.

    Adventure 4 all SA 
  • Pilot Insure Logo


    PilotInsure blends a passion for flying with expertise in insurance. A need for many pilots all over the world, is to be sure that they will be sufficiently covered while doing what they love.

    PilotInsure does just that by providing you with the best cover possible so that you can enjoy the flying.

  • Presidents Trophy Air Race logo

    Presidents Trophy Air Race

    One of the most prestigious air races in the world. It is an air race run annually at the end of May.

    One of the biggest in the world and one of the biggest on the South African Flying roster.

    SAPFA Presidents Trophy Air Race 
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