A pilot with pairs of Flying socks sitting on a couch

"An idea is just an idea. Almost anyone can think up an idea. The thing that counts is developing it into a practical product."

  • The Flying Sox was founded in 2021 by Keegan Glanfield. An airline pilot with big entrepreneurial dreams.

    The Flying Sox story started when our founder was getting ready to fly. He was putting on his socks and realized that there were no Aviation-Themed socks available in South Africa. Upset with the fact that there were none available in South Africa, and a quick google search showed that the pairs available overseas were overpriced and lacking in quality.

    So, Keegan decided to take matters into his own hands and started doing extensive research. After a lot of searching, he finally found a local supplier and created his own unique designs.

  •  He wanted to make sure that the socks he created were comfortable, durable and would last longer than the ones found in the shops.

    This marks the beginning of The Flying Sox – the first-ever proudly South African aviation themed sock brand. continuously looking at making new designs and growing our footprint within South Africa,

    Over the first year, Keegan focused on growing the brand and getting the name out there by attending flying events, markets and by word of mouth.

    Today we have sold over 1000 pairs of Sox in South Africa, and hopefully soon, we will be going global.

Navigator socks on a man hiking in the mountains
thats how we roll socks on a man with white shoes in the leaves in autumn
B747 socks on a man sitting in the wilderness